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Offer to Gulf residents Empty Offer to Gulf residents

Post  Anonymous Howard on Wed Jun 30, 2010 6:05 pm

We want out of our lives, and perhaps you want a new life...

I have a nice townhouse that I am about flat on in value, I own a service business that does well and is established, and I have lots of "stuff" that I just don't care about or need anymore.

The house, in a nice Baltimore suburb with good schools.
The business that generates the income to pay for said house (and then some).
The boat slip that I own outright in a condo marina with a nice yacht club
The cars (two Bimmers, one 2000 323CI coupe and one 99 Z3 Coupe)
The "stuff" - All the crap that fills the house, minus the artwork and a few personal items.

It's a nice life, the "American dream" for the most part. We don't want or care about this stuff anymore, but for someone looking for "the dream" still, it would pretty much fit the bill.

Our goal is to get rid of just about everything and sail away somewhere far off, probably the south Pacific, but who knows.

Is it possible to do this? I was thinking that maybe some Gulf resident who wants out and wants to start over might be interested. I don't know.

P/M if interested.

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